August 2017

"Creation", a mural in the style of Eric Carle

A few hours after returning home from my first day in kindergarten (in 1980), I announced to my mother that I was bored.  Well, every Saturday now that I'm the teacher, I think the same thing.

We use buttons for sorting, counting,
working on fine motor skills,
making patterns,
building vocabulary,
as well as comparing and contrasting.
We have been busy, busy!  Puzzles, books, games, dances, tambourines, balls, hula-hoops and learning stations keep our bodies and minds in full gear.  I think the 5 year-olds help with the excitement, too.  Their energy is contagious, and I'm having a blast spending the day with them.

The first few weeks were a sweet season of getting to know each of them and figuring out their personalities and prior knowledge.  Then, it was time to really get to work!  I am praying that God will give me great wisdom as I see who they are - where they are - and how to encourage their growth.

While learning about rain, we made our
own rain drops and
rainbow using water color pencils
and experimenting
 with the effects of mixing them
with water.

I have been so amazed by how fast they are learning things.  "Little Sponges" is an accurate description for these children.  They are learning a vast amount of information, but also are really growing in life skills.  Students who could not figure out how to turn on the faucets are now completely independent.  They are all working on zipping plastic bags, closing glue bottles, and screwing on lids by themselves,  It is such a sense of pride when they do it!

The students are learning Latin in
conjunction with science and art.
This is our "arcus", which we painted
as we talked about God's promise
to Noah.
They are growing as a group, as well.  They love playing "siblings" and pretending that they are grown-ups who all live in the same house.

But, more than loving each other, they love our God.  It is so fun to hear them talk about Him.  They adore reading the Bible together during their free time and re-telling the stories. We talk a lot about how His love affects how we love the people around us.  The sweetest moments of the day are when I hear a student apologize and I hear the answer of "I forgive you because God has forgiven me so much."

We are blessed to have great technology.  We have some really fun instruments.  We have all kinds of things to keep our hands and minds busy.  But none of these things means anything if we have not love.